We could go on about the history of Pro Print and how we took three long-established print providers and mixed them together to create one super power but really all you need to know is that we design, create and print just about anything. If you can think it, we can ink it. Pro Print has always been known for high-quality, traditional ink on paper printing. Things like business cards, stationery, brochures and business forms. But we are so much more.

We are also a leading provider of screen printed and embroidered apparel. Shirts, caps, tote bags, just about anything. Want your logo on some cups, umbrellas, or pens? We can do that too. There’s practically no limit to what we can brand for you.

And now with new technologies we have the ability to UV print, laser, cut and shape just about any material including plastic, wood and metal.

We’re making great stuff everyday. Let’s talk about what we can make for you.

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Since the beginning of time there as been print. And even though the process has changed the outcome is the same. Ink on paper....and we’ve been doing it for decades. Business cards, brochures, business forms, you name it we can print it and usually quicker and for less. So the next time you need something printed give us a shot. You won’t regret it.

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custom Apparel

Nothing says “we know what we’re doing” like professionally embroidered and screen-printed work wear. Utilizing the latest technologies, our custom apparel tells the world you know your stuff. And while we can’t help you shed those last five pounds we will leave you looking your best.

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Industrial printing

New technologies now allows us to print, engrave and cut on materials never thought of before. Things like metal, wood and plastic and it doesn’t even have to be flat. For a truly unique item, give us a call.

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Promo + Specialties

Pro Print does more than just business cards and brochures. For decades Pro Print has been an area leader for promotional items and ad specialties . Looking for a branded item to give your customers and clients, we can do that. Using our experience and knowledge of new trends we can find just the right product to get your message across. In addition, we’ve partnered with nearby manufacturers so that some items can actually be produced locally. This is especially helpful when time is an issue.

So whether you need apparel, cups, hats or doohickeys, think of us.


Graphic Design

Got an idea but need help bringing it to life. Working directly with our in-house designer your able to get the look you want and sometimes the look you didn’t know you wanted. Don’t start up Publisher or dig through your Word clip art. Let us custom design something unique to your business. With over 400 industry design awards under our belts, were confident we can get you the results you’re after.